We are one of the leading, independent and vertically integrated oil company in Republic of Azerbaijan.


The major part of petrochemical products is produced by synthetic rubber and other chemical plants started in Sumgait city. Sumgait Chemical Industry Park is the only petrochemical enterprise in Azerbaijan to annually produce 200 Mt of ethylene, 100 Mt of propylene and 60 Mt of benzene. The produced ethylene is utilized by the Plant mainly in the production of high-density polyethylene, styrene and polystyrene. For crude materials, the Sumgait Chemical Industry Park uses straight-run petrol and hydrocarbon gas coming generally from Socar Petrochemical Company.

Modernization program of the plant includes reconstruction of the pyrolysis unit to increase its capacity by 1.5 times, or by 450 Mt of ethylene per year; constructing the Azerbaijan's biggest low-density polyethylene production facility with the capacity of 345 Mt per year; establishing the country’s second biggest polypropylene production with the annual output of 250 Mt of a wide range of branded polymers; building a railway overpass for draining and loading liquefied hydrocarbon gases with the annual capacity of 300 Mt, which will reduce the crude material cost.

In 2019, the Sumgait Polymer Plant processed 778.0 Mt of raw materials and produced 475.0 thousand tons of saleable products including, including 135.0 Mt of ethylene, 80.5 Mt of propylene, 65.1 Mt of high-density polyethylene, 20.8 Mt of styrene, 15,6 Mt of polystyrene, 59,3 Mt tons of benzene, etc.

Sumgait Chemical Industry Park has an ethylene-polyethylene plant, a surfactants plant, an organic synthesis plant, a machinery maintenance plant, a chemical engineering institute, a repair and construction division, a transportation and special equipment division, and a storage facility.

The Bibiheybatneft’s products include propylene, polyethylene, butylene-butadiene cut, propylene oxide, propylene glycol, isopropyl alcohol, pyrolysis condensate, liquid chlorine, and alkali. In 2010, "Bibiheybatneft" produced 53,500 tons of polyethylene, 28,500 tons of propylene, 21,500 tons of butylene-butadiene cut, 51,800 tons of pyrolysis condensate, 10,500 tons of isopropyl alcohol, 3,300 tons of propylene oxide, 7,100 tons of alkali, and 2,700 tons of liquid chlorine.


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