Oil products supplied by us meet all Azerbaijan and international quality standards, have all the necessary certificates of conformity and meet the most stringent requirements. All this is possible thanks to the continuous improvement of working conditions, technologies, optimization of the production process and equipment upgrades at our refineries.


In 2019, our company processed 778.0 Mt of raw materials and produced 475.0 thousand tons of saleable products: high-density polyethylene, ethylene, propylene, styrene, polystyrene, benzene, and etc.


We operate large offshore hydrocarbon assets in Azerbaijan, manage one of the world's largest integrated oil processing terminals and pipeline links to regional and world markets. Our pipelines export oil to the world markets.

Exploration & Drilling

Bibiheybatneft makes it through the use of cutting-edge downhole equipment, remote online monitoring technology, and organisational technologies directed at optimising the drilling process and reducing costs.


In production & operations (P&O) we find and develop hydrocarbon resources, operate oil and gas production assets, as well as refineries, pipelines and terminals around the world. We make it – safely, cleanly and efficiently.

Mission & Vision

In a world with increased focus on the care of our environment and the management of risks and costs, Bibiheybatneft wants to be leading in the area of Refining & transportation of crude oil & crude oil products and the maintenance and integrity of its infrastructure. We operate safely, reliable, profitable and are the preferred supplier of our customers.

Bibiheybatneft” is an attractive employer and complies with laws and regulations of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Bibiheybatneft wants to achieve this by developing motivated employees in an organization that cooperates with excellent advisors and contractors.

Our vision is becoming a safe and innovative crude oil Refining company that excels because it is leading in its sector. We are proud of our company, we are customer-oriented, reliable, committed and flexible! Enabling Bibiheybatneft and its businesses to achieve their goals – where we hold expertise, we will use it collaboratively and constructively. Cooperation is the key to Bibiheybatneft's success.

We lead the development of Bibiheybatneft's strategy, to drive the long-term resilience and value of our business and create value for our stakeholders more widely, including society, our employees and our shareholders.

Happy employees in our company

Projects which have been successfully implemented

Oil and Gas production Wells in use.

Oil and Gas production Wells in development up to 2023.



Bibiheybatneft strives to create a safe work environment, continuously improves its production processes, invests in staff development, and ensures compliance with safety rules to minimize risks of work-related accidents. Protecting the health and lives of employees is one of the company’s top priorities.

Social Responsibility

Bibiheybatneft provides assistance to medical, educational and cultural institutions located in the eastern areas of Absheron region in Azerbaijan. It also supports cultural, recreational, educational, and sport activities. Our job-creating policy helps to reduce the unemployment rate in remote areas of our region.

Social policy

Social programs are considered an integral part of the Bibiheybatneft’s corporate strategy and contribute to constructive cooperation with the state, business circles and society. Corporate programs are of a targeted nature and based on regional professional experience and human potential. Prosperity in the areas where we work is very important for us.


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