About Us

Bibiheybətneft is a whole of life oil and gas company active in all phases of the associated value chain, continually seeking to build and optimise its licence portfolio by the development and maturing of existing licences, as well as acquiring new licences through licensing rounds, or by the farming into licences held by others. The Company’s strategy is augmented through a commitment to further grow via M&A opportunities as well as maintaining its established focus on development opportunities in North West Europe, particularly the North Sea, the Atlantic Margin and beyond whilst keeping its portfolio in balance to ensure a steady flow of projects to grow value and reserves.

Bibiheybətneft's core business is retail and wholesale of oil and fuel. In order to improve fuel quality, Bibiheybətneft commissioned a modern Fuel Depot in 1999, which meets modern standards. The fuel warehouse is equipped with electronics manufactured in leading European countries, fire suppression, security and fuel quality control systems.



Trust isn't given; it's earned. By consistently delivering on our promises, whether to our colleagues, partners or shareholders, we build successful relationships that are built on accountability and Mutual respect. This is essential to our long-term success.


Our passion for what we do comes through in every area of our business. We are confident, committed and open minded, which enables us to pioneer new and better solutions and approaches, whether analysing data or at the negotiating table.


We know we can achieve far more as a Company than we can as individuals. Our collegial culture and flat hierarchy Means we consider different points of view and approaches to deliver the best solution for the business. When the business succeeds, we succeed.


For us, it is fun to always want to be better, and this Means trying new Things and always looking for better ways to reach our goals. We are proud of what we do and our integrity in delivering it.

To make long-term difference in our industry and earn the trust of our partners and shareholders.

In a world with increased focus on the care of our environment and the management of risks and costs, Bibiheybətneft wants to be leading in the area of Refining & transportation of crude oil & crude oil products and the maintenance and integrity of its infrastructure. We operate safely, reliable, profitable and are the preferred supplier of our customers.

Bibiheybətneft” is an attractive employer and complies with laws and regulations of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Bibiheybətneft wants to achieve this by developing motivated employees in an organization that cooperates with excellent advisors and contractors.

To be recognised as a Company and partner of choice in the European oil and gas industry for delivering on our promises, pioneering new opportunities and approaches and bringing value to our industry, shareholders and community.

Our vision is becoming a safe and innovative crude oil Refining company that excels because it is leading in its sector. We are proud of our company, we are customer-oriented, reliable, committed and flexible! Enabling Bibiheybətneft and its businesses to achieve their goals – where we hold expertise, we will use it collaboratively and constructively. Cooperation is the key to Bibiheybətneft's success.

We lead the development of Bibiheybətneft's strategy, to drive the long-term resilience and value of our business and create value for our stakeholders more widely, including society, our employees and our shareholders.


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Bibiheybətneft Services

Oil products supplied by us meet all Azerbaijan and international quality standards, have all the necessary certificates of conformity and meet the most stringent requirements. All this is possible thanks to the continuous improvement of working conditions, technologies, optimization of the production process and equipment upgrades at our refineries.


In production & operations (P&O) we find and develop hydrocarbon resources, operate oil and gas production assets, as well as refineries, pipelines and terminals around the world. We make it – safely, cleanly and efficiently.


In 2019, our company processed 778.0 Mt of raw materials and produced 475.0 thousand tons of saleable products: high-density polyethylene, ethylene, propylene, styrene, polystyrene, benzene, and etc.


We operate large offshore hydrocarbon assets in Azerbaijan, manage one of the world's largest integrated oil processing terminals and pipeline links to regional and world markets. Our pipelines export oil to the world markets.

Exploration & Drilling

Bibiheybətneft makes it through the use of cutting-edge downhole equipment, remote online monitoring technology, and organisational technologies directed at optimising the drilling process and reducing costs.